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Best Burgers In Lubbock

Lubbock Chronicle’s Top 10 Best Burgers In Lubbock

This is our opinion of what is the “Best Burger in Lubbock” Yes, we do have a local bias but with good reason. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

1. Tommy’s Burgers  * 117 University Ave Jumbo burger is jumbo and grilled to perfection.
2. Christakis Burgers   * 1111 34th St Close #2. Very tasty and well-made hamburger.
3. Caprock Cafe   * 5217 82nd St and 3405 34th St The bacon cheeseburger is their best burger.
4. Spanky’s    * 811 University Ave Mayo-mustard burger with cheese is a Tech favorite.
5. Blue Sky 4416 98th and 3216 4th Best chain burger. Love it with grilled onions.
6. Pete’s Burgers   * 4156 34th street and 529 34th Another good example of a Texas burger joint burger.
7. Freddy’s Steakburger 6208 19th St and 7732 Milwaukee Ave Big patties and the double is the way to go.
8. Five Guys 6076 Marsha Sharp Fwy and 4410 19th St Good burger but all the options make it top 10.
9. Whataburger Many Lubbock Locations The green chile cheese burgers are a must have.
10. Buns Over Texas 3402 73rd St Consistiently good and best of the semi-self serves.
* Lubbock only restaurant
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