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Lineup of Music Artists and Cover Art
for Lubbock Music Now 2017[Lubbock, Texas] – The lineup of artists for the 2017 Lubbock Music NOW album which features local artists who provide the soundtrack for our city. It’s a compilation album of original music by current local musicians.

Lubbock Music NOW 2017 ALBUM
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In April, Civic Lubbock, Inc. put out a call for local artists to submit studio-produced original songs for consideration for our annual album of local music. Out of dozens of submissions, the selections were once again made by the past and current members of the Texas Branch of The Recording Academy (Texas Grammy Board). The judges were only given song numbers – no artist names or song titles – to make their selections. We believe that having a group of non-local judges who are professionals in the music industry, make the selections removes any likelihood of bias that a local committee of judges might appear to have. It also lends a bit more gravitas to the album to have these industry professionals involved.

This year, nineteen (19) songs were selected for the Lubbock Music NOW 2017 album as opposed to sixteen (16) selected for the 2016 album. There was so much good work submitted. This year’s winners, listed alphabetically with song titles, are:

• Alexis Lowry – Tell Me How it Feels
• Alma Quartet – I Remember
• Bo Garza – You Say You’re Happy
• Brian Findley – Miracle
• Cary and Steve – Sittin’ Around Pickin’
• Derek Bohl – How You Feel
• Drake Hayes Band – Grow Old with You
• Fellow American – Island
• Flatland Cavalry – One I Want
• Gypsy Jayne and the Travelers – Woe
• Hannah Jackson and Riley Glass – Settle Down
• Hogg Maulies – August Rain
• Jeff McCreight – Let Go
• Jenni Dale Lord – Someone to Believe
• Jim Dixon – I’m on a Roll
• Lindsay Boreing – I’m Your Home
• Mark Paden – Crazy with the Heat
• Sober by Sunday – Bad Girls
• Texas Cadillac Jack Band – That’s What I Like About Texas

The artists on the album will be paid a one-time cash prize of $200 by Civic Lubbock because we believe artists deserve to be paid their work. In addition, the artists will receive 10 free copies of the CD and T-Shirts. But, more than tangible rewards, artists get to be included in an elite group of local talent representing the Lubbock music scene.

Lubbock Music CD Art 2017

As was the case in 2016, Civic Lubbock once again partnered with the Lubbock Arts Alliance, to put out a call for local artists to design the album cover. Out of about 10 entries, the winning piece is called “Music in the Ground, Music in the Air” by graphic artist Barry Helms. (Image is attached). Mr. Helms will also receive a one-time cash prize of $200 paid by Civic Lubbock.

The release of the album on CD and digital platforms is planned for late September in conjunction with a CD Release Party. Details on where hard copies of the album will be available and the Release Party will be forthcoming. “Lubbock Music NOW” will post regular updates and song samples on its Facebook page.

All proceeds from sales of the CD and T-Shirts will go to Civic Lubbock, Inc. to be invested in local music projects including future years of Lubbock Music NOW.