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Sen. Cruz: ‘Texans Are Coming Together, Standing United’

(from Sen Cruz’s Press Office)

Sen. Cruz: ‘Texans Are Coming Together, Standing United’

Visits volunteers and storm victims, assists with relief efforts, and receives briefings from local officials in Kingwood, Dickinson, and League City

LEAGUE CITY, Texas – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today made several stops in Kingwood, Dickinson, and League City to visit volunteers and storm victims, and received briefings from local officials and first responders on storm damage.

In Kingwood, Sen. Cruz joined City Council Member Dave Martin at the Kingwood Community Center, to visit with volunteers and assist with distributing supplies. Later, Sen. Cruz joined County Judge Mark Henry, Dickinson Mayor Julie Masters, and County Sheriff Henry Trochesset at the Galveston County Emergency Management Center, and then helped clear out a flooded home in Dickinson. Sen. Cruz then met with League City Mayor Pat Hallisey and other local officials, and volunteered at the League City Harvey Relief Distribution Center.

Still photos and video of Sen. Cruz’s visits will be available here.

“Texas took a hard hit with Hurricane Harvey,” Sen. Cruz said. “But Texans are coming together, and standing united. Churches, neighbors and friends are working together – neighbor helping neighbor, Texan helping Texan. It is a testament to the character of Texas. The dedication of local officials, teams of volunteers and relief workers in these communities is inspiring. We will rebuild stronger than ever, because of the commitment of these men and women.”

Sen. Cruz continued, “I was gratified to see Congress pass a strong, bipartisan relief package. The support for Texas is overwhelming. Sen. Cornyn and I worked closely with the members of the Texas delegation in the House, and Governor Abbott, to roughly double the relief coming to the state of Texas. And by securing an initial down payment of emergency funds here on the ground, officials now have the resources to begin the rebuilding process.”

Sen. Cruz visits with storm victims and volunteers at a distribution center in Kingwood.

Sen. Cruz receives a briefing from local officials at the Galveston County Emergency Management Center.

Sen. Cruz helps storm victims clear their homes of debris.

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