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Keep Pedestrians and Drivers Safe This Summer


July 15, 2018

WASHINGTON—Sharing the roads and streets while more people are out and about calls for extra attention from drivers and pedestrians. Fatalities for pedestrians have increased nearly 50 percent since reaching a low point in 2009 according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). GEICO says let’s keep everyone safe this summer.

Reminders for drivers:

  • Eyes up at all times: Drivers should not only have their phones switched to silent and tucked away, but also they should refrain from reaching for things or adjusting vehicle controls when they’re approaching an area with crosswalks. These types of distractions could cause them to easily miss a pedestrian.
  • Tread lightly on the gas pedal: Speeding makes it difficult to react to an unexpected situation, such as a pedestrian stepping out into the street. Drivers should stick to the speed limit at all times, and make an extra effort to scan the roadway in areas around neighborhoods, parking lots and other places that see a considerable amount of foot traffic.
  • Remember to yield: Drivers need to give pedestrians space, which means always yielding to those who have entered a crosswalk or who have a walk signal on a traffic light. Even if the walk signal has expired, drivers still need to wait for anyone who hasn’t finished crossing.

Reminders for pedestrians:

  • Look ahead; not down: While crossing a street, the most important thing pedestrians should stay aware of is their surroundings, not their texts and notifications.
  • Avoid surprising a driver: If it’s a birthday party or an engagement, the element of surprise is vital; however, this is hardly the case when it comes to crossing the street. Use a crosswalk or an area that has a signal, rather than a random spot at the middle of a block to cross the street. Adopting this practice will help place pedestrians in areas where a driver expects to see them.
  • Don’t become invisible: Crossing the street isn’t the right time to experiment with super powers like invisibility. If you know you’ll be walking at night, wear something reflective, or consider turning on the flashlight app on your smartphone to create extra light.

For more safe driving tips, visit GEICO’s Safe Driving Resources page.