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Submission Guidelines for Press Releases gladly accepts press releases and news submissions. By sending your press release to, you are granting free use of all content including any graphics and photographs. Express written consent would be appreciated.  Give details. Send pictures or provide links. will put up  your youtube videos in your story too. Links to websites, social media accounts, and other information are encouraged. We are here to provide as much information as possible and to help your organization present your story. The more we have to work with the better your story will look on our site.

Email is preferred. Snail mail cannot guarantee submission. We will try to publish your submission but there are no guarantees.

If there are any errors, typographical or in fact please let us know and we make every effort to correct in a timely manner. If you feel there are any differences of opinion, we will gladly discuss but not likely to change anything. After all, this is our publication and not yours.

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Below are some useful resources for press releases.

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