AAA Texas: State Gas Price Average Inches Up for First Time Since October

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AAA Texas: State Gas Price Average Inches Up for First Time Since October

(Coppell, TX) – The statewide gas price average in Texas is $1.93 for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel, according to the AAA Texas Weekend Gas Watch. That price is one cent more than this day last week and is 35 cents less per gallon compared to this day last year. Of the major metropolitan areas surveyed in Texas, drivers in Midland are paying the most on average at $2.44 while drivers in Lubbock are paying the least at $1.86 per gallon. The national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is $2.24, which is one cent more than this day last week and 29 cents less than the price per gallon at this same time last year.

The last time the statewide gas price average increased in Texas was on October 10, when the price went from $2.66 to $2.67 per gallon. Since that time, the price had been on a downward trend. The price of crude oil has been slowly, but steadily increasing since the beginning of the year, which is starting to push up pump prices. Since the start of 2019, the price per barrel (WTI) has increased $6 to close on Wednesday at $52 per barrel. Overall demand for retail gasoline has been low in the U.S., helping to keep gas prices from going up at a faster pace, despite increasing crude prices.

“While gas prices remain 35 cents less per gallon compared to this time last year, some Texans will start to notice a slight increase in what they pay at the pump this month,” said Daniel Armbruster, AAA Texas/AAA New Mexico spokesperson. “To save on fuel, drivers should make sure their tires are properly inflated and avoid quick accelerations.”

Gas prices are fluctuating across the South and Southeast states with increases and decreases as much as four cents on the week. Regardless, the majority of states in the region continue to carry the cheapest gas prices in the country.

Prices up to date at press time using market prices posted at 3:41 a.m. Motorists can find current gas prices along their route with the free and revamped AAA App for iPhone, iPad and Android. The app can also be used to map a route and learn traffic conditions along that route, find discounts, locate parking, book a hotel and request and track AAA roadside assistance. Learn more at www.AAA.com/mobile.

Area 01/17/2019Week AgoWeek Ago DifferenceYear AgoYear Ago DifferenceDateRecord Price
Amarillo $1.88$1.82+0.06$2.29-0.4107/15/08$4.01
Austin-San Marcos$1.94$1.93+0.01$2.25-0.3107/17/08$3.97
Beaumont-Port Arthur$1.93$1.90+0.03$2.26-0.3307/16/08$4.00
College Station-Bryan$1.97$1.95+0.02$2.31-0.34
Corpus Christi $1.90$1.89+0.01$2.23-0.3307/15/08$3.96
El Paso$1.80$1.83-0.03$2.27-0.4707/17/08$3.97
Fort Worth-Arlington$1.90$1.91-0.01$2.28-0.3807/16/08$3.97
Galveston-Texas City$1.93$1.92+0.01$2.28-0.3507/14/08$3.97
Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood$1.89$1.84+0.05$2.24-0.35
San Angelo$1.90$1.86+0.04$2.27-0.37
San Antonio$1.89$1.890$2.18-0.2907/16/08$3.96
Tyler $1.89$1.83+0.06$2.30-0.41
Victoria $1.93$1.930$2.27-0.34
Wichita Falls $1.87$1.84+0.03$2.25-0.38
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