Progress Continues on Citizens Tower

Progress continues at Citizens Tower as furnishings and workstation installation on floors six and seven is underway. The last installment of furniture for the Tower is scheduled to be delivered the week of February 3. Progress on the Tower exterior and surrounding plaza are evident as vehicular and crosswalk pavers work is complete at the intersection of Avenue K and 14th Street. Pedestrian walkways in the plaza are also near completion. Landscaping will follow once all plaza hardscaping is complete. Metal panels, made of aluminum composite, are currently being installed on the exterior of the Tower. All panels are expected to be in place by the middle of February.

Commissioning and testing additional life-safety systems is under-way and work on elevators is being performed this week and next. Data and communications equipment will soon be installed. Exterior lighting will go up soon followed by the construction of sidewalks.

Employee move-in will occur in stages to minimize customer disruption and is expected to start in the coming weeks.

The Tower opened in 1965 as Citizens National Bank. After passing through several owners, the City of Lubbock acquired the facility in 2014 and began activities to render the facility safe for future activities through abatement and related efforts. The renovation project has seen the nearly 188,000 square foot facility taken down to the structural framework and its subsequent remodeling into a modern office facility to serve the citizens of Lubbock.

When fully occupied, the Tower will host more than 450 City employees across 11 floors, a large basement complex, and the newly constructed Utility Customer Services Center. Customers will be able to access common City services on Main Street, a first-floor facility that combines development services activities into a one-stop-shop for customer convenience. The Utility Customer Services Center operated by the City of Lubbock Utilities is adjacent to the Tower.

Overall, the project combines City services currently located in four separate buildings into a single complex.

Citizens Tower serves as the anchor of the three-block municipal development that includes the Tower, Utility Customer Services Center, Plaza, Municipal Court, and Police Headquarters. A new, public-use parking structure will provide central parking for visitors at any of these facilities. Construction on the parking structure will begin in early 2020, with the Municipal Court and Police Headquarters to follow.

The Tower project includes new capabilities for the City’s Communications & Marketing efforts, including Channel 2, the City’s public access cable television channel. Present broadcast capabilities are outdated and were installed in the current City Hall in the late 1980s. Broadcast capabilities at the Tower will be state-of-the-art and will enhance the City’s abilities to provide quality live broadcasts of official events as well as additional content programming. This portion of the project is cash-funded through fees, required to be remitted by telecommunications providers, that are dedicated to the public, educational and governmental programming and are outside the project budget.

The project budget was developed in 2015, and funded in 2016. The budget includes the acquisition of the property, abatement, remediation, design & engineering services, construction, parking, and project contingency. The project is expected to be completed within the total budget.

The City will announce the official opening date soon.

(from City of Lubbock )

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