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Texas Rangers Provide Security For Joey McGuire

From the Facebook page of the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum

Happy College Football season! Did you know that many head college football coaches have a choice in what their security detail will be? At Texas Tech University in Lubbock, it’s the Texas Rangers of Company C.
The practice of a Texas Ranger security detail for coaches started with the University of Texas (UT) former head coach Mack Brown in 1998. Today, Texas Tech is the only college that uses Rangers for its security detail, which was started under head coach Mike Leach. Other Texas college coaches have security handled by the Texas Highway Patrol, various sheriff departments, and local city-level police. UT currently uses the Texas Highway Patrol.
One of the current Rangers handling the security is Ranger Lt. Scott Stevenson, stationed in Lubbock. Lt. Stevenson has been on the security detail since 2013. He enjoys working with many of the young men who come through the football program and has helped several go on to begin careers in the Department of Public Safety. Stevenson also enjoys getting to be on the sidelines for a sport he loves to watch. Be on the lookout for several Rangers on the sidelines of Texas Tech football games this fall!
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