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Lubbock County Fatal Crash 11/16/2023

(Lubbock) From: Texas DPS.

Description:  Preliminary investigation revealed that Vehicle 1 was traveling east on County Road (CR) 7700, east of CR 2110. Vehicle 2 was traveling west on CR 7700 east of CR 2110. The driver of Vehicle 1 traveled slightly off the roadway into some loose dirt, causing the driver of Vehicle 1 to take evasive action and attempt to bring Vehicle 1 back onto the road. Vehicle 1 traveled across the road into the westbound traffic lane and collided with Vehicle 2. As a result of this crash, The driver and passenger of Vehicle 2 sustained severe injuries and were transported to University Medical Center. Anderson, the passenger of Vehicle 2, later passed away at University Medical Center due to the injuries sustained during the crash.


Number of Vehicles in Crash: 2      Number Injured: 2        Number Killed: 1

Date & Time: 11/16/2023, 7:30 P.M.  County: Lubbock

Location: County Road 7700 East of County Road 2110         Posted Speed Limit: 60

Weather Condition: Clear  Road Conditions: Dry

Vehicle 1:  2018 Subaru BRZ

Driver, Vehicle 1: Injured  Ekdahl, Ricky Lee, male, 48 years of age, of Lubbock, Texas

Seatbelt: Yes

The driver was transported to a local hospital in Lubbock by private conveyance for minor injuries.

Vehicle 2:  1997, Honda Civic

Driver, Vehicle 2: Injured Bockmon, David Michael, male, 45 years of age, of Lubbock, Texas

Seatbelt: No

The driver was transported to University Medical Center in Lubbock with serious injuries.

Passenger, Vehicle 2: DECEASED  Anderson, Samantha Summer, female, 40 years of age, of Lubbock, TX

Seatbelt: No

The passenger was pronounced deceased on the scene due to injuries sustained during the crash.

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